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Dance It, Inspiring Teenagers to Social Dance | Seattle, WA
  • Welcome to Dance It

    Arts Education for Teenagers

    Over 3,200 teens have learned to dance with Dance It, a Seattle based non-profit program that provides FREE social dance instruction to local high school students. Through dance, teenagers improve overall fitness, enhance social skills, build confidence, plus broaden their exposure to arts and culture. Your donations make this possible.

    Now Dance It brings this directly to students, at their school. As teens learn to dance with a partner and hone their skills, school dances can be fun again and students can venture into the local dance community with confidence. After all, doesn’t everyone want to dance?

    The Dance It Program

    Our program offers:

    • 4 FREE swing dance lessons after school
    • PE classes and pre-dance workshops
    • Continuing lessons (swing, salsa, waltz…)
    • Multi-school dances at a neutral, convenient location

    To find out how Dance It can bring social dancing to your school, visit our Programs page.

    Dance It is a non-profit program funded by donation dollars. Please support this exciting youth program by contributing today.